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Our Mission

At Little Amber Child Care Center, we are committed to create a safety environment and educational programs that shape the future of our children. We believe that the development of all socially, physical and cognitive skills are the key to start in life.


Parent's Reviews


"Little Amber Learning Center is the best decision i made for my son. Before attending, my son had a speech delay that was affecting his way of communicating with me and others. After the first week of attending Little Amber, his speech significantly improved! This was due to his teachers making learning fun and their persistence with great habits. They take tons of pictures to take home and save for lifelong memories.I'm so grateful I found them near my neighborhood. Little Amber doesn't get the recognition they deserve. I'll highly recommend to anyone.
My son has been attending for almost a year now. His confidence has improved and he surprises me with his vocabulary everyday."


"My daughter has been part of Little Amber Child Care for three years and I am very happy with how much she has learned in this daycare. It started since she was three years old and made two years of prekindergarten and now she is in kindergarten and started with advanced knowledge thanks Little Amber Child Care. They are very flexible since they have the (After School) program which means that they pick up the children from school and help them with their homework which is beneficial for the parents that work and we cannot pick up the children from school early.
The place is always clean and has adequate security measures so that our children are always safe. The directors are very good people, they are always watching our children, so they can spend the best possible time and learn in the best ways. They are very sweet and affectionate with all children. Best of all, my daughter is always happy to attend Little Amber Child Care and always returns home with a smile on her face!"

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